Terms and Conditions

Liu Yintong Professional Numerology Studio

Liu Yintong Professional Numerology Studio is a professional organization dedicated to providing high-quality numerology consulting services. Our team consists of numerology experts and Feng Shui masters, relying on their professional knowledge and rich experience to provide customers with accurate and personalized numerology consultation and Feng Shui guidance. Our service scope covers the fields of Ziwei Dou Shu, Qi Men Dun Jia, business Feng Shui, home Feng Shui and date selection, aiming to help customers improve their luck, improve their environment and make wise decisions.

Detailed terms and conditions:

  1. consultation service:
    a. Ziwei Dou Shu Consulting: We provide Zi Wei Dou Shu consulting services based on the customer’s date of birth, time and location. The consultation results will include interpretation of the client's numerology characteristics, analysis of personal potential and prediction of future trends.

    b. Qimen Dunjia consulting: We provide Qimen Dunjia consulting services, interpreting and guiding Qimen Dunjia according to the customer’s needs and goals, and helping customers make wise decisions and actions.

  2. Feng Shui Services:
    a. Commercial Feng Shui consulting: We provide commercial Feng Shui consulting services, including Feng Shui layout and design of commercial spaces such as shops and offices. We will provide personalized Feng Shui guidance based on our clients' industries, business goals and needs to promote career development and wealth growth.

    b. Home Feng Shui consultation: We provide home Feng Shui consultation services. By analyzing the customer’s home floor plan, living habits and numerology characteristics of family members, we provide personalized Feng Shui guidance and suggestions to help customers create a harmonious and safe home environment.

  3. Date service:
    a. Wedding date consultation: We provide wedding date consultation services. Based on the numerology characteristics and auspicious elements of the couple, combined with factors such as day and hour, we provide the best wedding date suggestions to increase the auspiciousness and happiness index of the marriage.

    b. Consultation on date selection for move-in: We provide consultation services on date selection for move-in. According to the customer’s needs and goals, we select the appropriate day and hour to ensure smooth and auspicious move-in.

  4. Our reservation policy is as follows:

    1. Reservation method: Customers can contact us by phone, email or online reservation system to make an appointment for consulting services or Feng Shui services.

    2. Appointment time: We will try our best to arrange the most suitable time to meet the needs of our customers. Appointment times will be negotiated based on client availability and our working hours.

    3. Make an appointment in advance: We recommend that customers make an appointment in advance to ensure that the most convenient time can be arranged. Advance appointments can be days, weeks, or longer, depending on client demand and availability.

    Please note that reservation policies may vary by region and specific services. We encourage clients to contact our studio prior to making an appointment to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date appointment information.

  5. Fees and Payments:
    a. The cost of consulting services will be determined based on the specific project and service content. Detailed fees will be provided. The specific cost of consulting services will be determined based on the project and service content. A clear quotation and negotiation will be made before customer consultation.

    b. Payment method: We accept cash, bank transfer or online payment. Payment details will be further confirmed with the customer at the time of quotation.

  6. Cancellations and refunds:
    a. Cancellation of consulting services: If the customer needs to cancel the scheduled consulting services, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance. We will not be able to refund fees paid without prior notice or failure to cancel on time.

    b. Refund policy: If we are unable to provide paid consulting services, we will refund the customer in full. We will not be able to provide refunds for consulting services that have been provided.

  7. Confidentiality Agreement:
    a. We respect our customers’ privacy and promise to keep their personal information confidential. Personal information provided by clients will be used solely for the purpose of consulting services and will not be disclosed to third parties unless expressly agreed by the client or required by law.

    b. We will take reasonable security measures to protect customers’ personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure.

The above terms and conditions are the basic regulations of Liu Yintong Professional Numerology Studio, which are designed to ensure fair transactions and information confidentiality between customers and the company. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us.